Education is very important as it provides opportunities for employment and placement and for good, healthy life as well. Education can play a major role to develop the community in the true sense and this is the only thread by which we can unite and depicts ourselves.

We are extremely dedicated to work towards informal education. We provide our best efforts to educate the socially and financially backward peoples so that they can understand the new world. We are trying to break the cycle of poverty and close the gender gap in basic education. Through which, we are equipping and raise up tomorrow’s leaders, transforming the lives of the individual as well as their families.

Biowell Hope’s overall effort is to educate all the helpless people and poor children so that they can live with dignity and a bright future. Biowell Hope is making every possible effort that the future of every child in India becomes brighter. Our Education related programmes contains the following works -

  • We provide guidance, nutritious meal and school stationery which helps to future’s leader to grow more efficiently.
  • We also inspire students to dream bigger than their circumstances by exposing them to career opportunities, education options, and other career-inspiring initiatives.
  • We cover activities, subject-specific formal learning, social and creative skills to improve learning levels of girls to give them equal learning opportunities and prevent dropouts.
  • Our educational programmes aim to provide knowledge, skills, techniques and information which enable people to know their rights and reach their full potential.
  • We are dedicated to work with government and state agencies to ensure that children and youth get equal opportunity and access to quality Education along with improved learning outcomes.
  • We promote woman education because an educated woman can make the strong future.

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