Mr. D.K. Sharma (President)

The Founder of Biowell Hope

The President and Founder of Biowell Hope Mr. D. K. Sharma is a great leader and a rapidly growing entrepreneur and is tremendously driving the leadership team and board effectiveness. Mr. D.K. Sharma is a very talented and energetic individual itself and he set up the non-profit organization “Biowell Hope” to uplift the cause of Health, Education, Livelihood, Environmental help, Emergencies, etc. Within a short span of time, Biowell Hope has strengthened its foothold through its dynamic programs, functional far and wide. Through the works of Hope, he has managed to design, develop and deliver several programs, i.e., food, clothes, and many things distribution, to spread awareness in various areas like health, education, etc.

Our Team / Volunteer

Our Team handles all the functioning of Biowell Hope with much enthusiasm and dedication. With such a marvelous team, we lead all functional works. Simultaneously, they are very passionate and excited to use their skills towards the path of humanity. Our Volunteers continuously looking to provide necessary things to those who are unable to fulfill their basic needs. Our Team/Volunteers are-

  • Mrs. Sarika Sharma (Treasurer)
  • Mr. Maneesh Chauhan (Secretary)
  • Mr. Mukesh Kumar Gupta (Patron)
  • Mr. Pravodha Kumar Sharma (Vice President)
  • Mr. Sanjay Sharma (Income Expenditure Inspector)
  • Mr. Sukhdev Singh (Member)
  • Mr. Ashutosh Bajpai (Member)
  • Mrs. Annpurna Singh (Volunteer)
  • Miss. Mansi Singh (Volunteer)
  • Mrs. Nisha Sharma (Volunteer)
  • Mr. Rajkumar Saxena (Volunteer)
  • Mr. Uttam Sarkar (Volunteer)
  • Mr. Mayank Gupta (Volunteer)
  • Mr. Ranjeet Singh (Volunteer)
  • Mr. Aman (Volunteer)
  • Mr. Rahul (Volunteer)
  • Mr. Aman Raj (Volunteer)
  • Mr. Sanjeev Kumar (Volunteer)
  • Mr. Abhishek Saxena (Volunteer)

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